Fidelio understands art!


Whether a stage, exhibition hall, public space, digital media, press or television, Art and Culture need a platform for interaction with the public. When deciding how to present art and culture, the chosen space or location are key. Cultural events feed off the momentum and social dynamics of the space that hosts them. Communication with audiences new and old is the key to enabling artists to connect with the public. Art and Culture are propagated through sharing.


Fidelio understands the process of choosing artistic and presentation concepts, and can help make them a reality, from idea to execution. Whether you are organizing a small-scale event or a big festival, Fidelio offers support, expertise and extensive experience of concept development, planning, marketing, production, realization, and evaluation. Our involvement ranges from coaching, mentoring, and interim or ongoing management to organizing every aspect. We are happy to work strictly to the client’s brief, or to explore other options.

Ludwig van Beethoven wrote just one opera:

Fidelio (1814).

Beethoven changed the way music was composed and listened to. Until the end of his life, he kept pushing boundaries. 

Pushing boundaries and shifting perspective are also integral to the philosophy behind Fidelio, the event planning agency established by Fiedel van der Hijden.

Photo: Groupe F & Plasticiens Volants 'Year of the Mines' and 25 years of Cultura Nova 2015  (Fabian de Kloe)                               Top photo: Slava's SNOWSHOW! Cultura Nova (Luc Lodder)