Event production

Producing an activity or event is a hugely complex undertaking, encompassing programme planning, technology (stages, sound, lighting, effects), safety & permits, publicity & marketing, ticket sales, visitor support, stakeholder management, finances, evaluation, and accountability.


Fidelio can oversee the entire process or, if preferred, handle or assist with organization. Alternatively, Fidelio can take care of certain aspects. We have extensive expertise in organizing events in theatres, libraries, museums, and cinemas. Added to this is our wide experience of staging events in unique locations: in open countryside, on city squares, beneath viaducts, and in underground car parks, schools, churches, factory buildings, and care facilities.


Performances, concerts, lectures by noted speakers, workshops, or a unique occasion for celebration – such as an opening or the launch of a special campaign – are just a few specific examples of the events we organize. Fidelio makes practical suggestions and interesting content proposals.


Although Fidelio is all about improvising and pushing boundaries, we always work within the client's parameters, taking full account of the applicable regulations and safety standards. 

Photo: Plasticiens Volants at Noorderbrug Maastricht Cultura Nova (Luc Lodder) Top photo: 'Carmina Burana' La Fura dels Baus & Philharmonie Zuidnederland Cultura Nova (Luc Lodder)