Concept development

Fidelio co-creates concepts. Whether a small-scale project or a multifaceted brief, Fidelio can independently devise a concept or oversee the development process, get new projects off the ground or set a change process in motion for existing activities. Fidelio can help you find artistic sources in a city or region, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We can also help locate project funding, generate publicity, or devise production plans.


Fidelio offers access to a large network of professionals in all fields of art and culture, as well as people from education, healthcare, and the social sector. At Fidelio, we are used to dealing with official and administrative bodies, and we have a good feel for the nuances of politics. However, we are not afraid to break with convention in order to get things moving, drawing on the expertise, influence, and energy of existing organizations and the individuals who work there. We bring together stakeholders who are working towards the same goal, and take them to the next level. Our ethos of collaboration and connection is one of the keys to our success. High-quality content is a mix of professionalism (skill), authenticity (artistic signature) and expressiveness (the extent to which the content is expressed).

Photo: Murals van Aryz (Spanje) and Hyuro (Argentinië) - Heerlerbaan -  Stichting Street Art (Sanne Gijsbers)           Top photo: Rodrigo Pardo aerial performance against the facade of Carbon 6 Cultura Nova (Luc Lodder)