Art alters our perspective and opens our eyes. It broadens our horizons and our view of the world, and encourages us to engage. 


‘Every work of art is a child of its time, often it is the mother of our emotions’ Wassily Kandinsky


I am passionately committed to the advancement of art and culture. They express a fundamental human instinct, do no harm, bring people together, shape democratic discourse, further education and development, provide a stimulus for economic revitalization, and influence how we think and feel about our own lives. Art informs, art enriches, art purifies.


‘I cannot claim to grasp the pure essence of creativity, but I would like to catch a glimpse of it whenever I can’ Paul Klee


First and foremost, art and performance are about creativity. Nobody can dispute the benefit to society of people with the gift of creative expression. The formation of creativity was the most important stage in human development. Without creative people, society stagnates. At times of great social upheaval, the importance of theatre and other art forms in encapsulating history and the mindset of a nation becomes crystal clear.


Needless to say, art is not there simply to entertain, but also to stir, move, challenge, and disrupt. It touches our hearts, and can change how we view the world or ourselves. 

‘Art has the ability to enable us to share in our sorrow, to make us aware that we are all in this together, that what we have in common is our frailties, the traits we cannot control and that make us human’ Peter Sellars

Cave painting in Lascaux (France)

Engagement with art and culture is essential to the human experience. Humans begin to communicate through artistic expression almost as soon as we have developed motor skills. Art and culture challenge us with different perspectives, force us to empathize with ‘others’, and give us pause to reflect on what it means to be human. Participation in art translates into behaviour that promotes the health of society, such as more grassroots participation and greater social tolerance.


Fidelio is committed to an inclusive society, which benefits from cross-fertilization between ethnicity, nationality, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, socio-economic background and political views, and in which everyone is encouraged to freely exchange ideas and reach a new level of understanding.

Photo: Komplex Kapharnaum (France) Cultura Nova           Top photo: Mural of Finok* (Brazil) on a railway bridge in  Heerlen - Stichting Street Art (Luc Lodder)