Getting the best out of people is about creating the right conditions, utilizing their skill sets and igniting their enthusiasm. People need to feel safe enough to break out of their comfort zone. Objectives must be mutually agreed and unconventional alternatives discussed. With the right mindset, just about anything is possible. With the right approach, almost nobody is out of bounds. Motivation is important, and the pursuit of attainable yet stretching goals taps into that motivated mindset. Producing culture, and cultural experiences, is not a solo venture. Collaboration delivers greater added value than an individual effort.


Fidelio has years of experience of partnering with stakeholders (often from very different backgrounds) to conceive and organize cultural events and other projects, drawing on the strengths and input of everyone involved.

Mentoring and coaching a team or project group is all part of the process that culminates in a successful event.

Photo: Blindman Sax in Schunck Heerlen at festival Cultura Nova foto: Luc Lodder              Top photo: soundwalk (h)ear Cultura Nova foto: Luc Lodder